Saturday, October 30, 2010

so much excitement

All the excitement has me exhausted, so I'm letting the pictures remind me of all that has happened in the past week or two. Everything will be out of chronological order, I'm sure.

I have made four trips to the doctor in the past two weeks.
1. Seth had a bad cold, so we went to ask the doctor to listen to Seth's breathing because we did NOT want to end up in the e.r. again with Seth not breathing! The doctor said everything was fine, just a cold. He's better now.

2. Joel got a sore throat and was having trouble breathing, so we went to the doctor to get antibiotics. He's better now, too.

3. The next child to need the doctor was Luke. He had some pain where no male wants to have pain. He had to have an ultrasound to find out there was some inflamation that the doctor said would go away without medication. Every time I ask him if he's still hurting, he gives me a percentage. "It feels 85% better." "Now it's 90% better, Mom." This morning, it was 98% better, so he was able to leave the house for some fun time.

4. When Luke and I were on the way home from the doctor, Jason called to tell me that Seth needed to go to the e.r. Joel, Makenzie, and Seth were with Jason at wrestling practice while Luke and I were at the doctor. The wrestlers were running laps, and the kids were sitting along the wall. Seth decided to stand up at exactly the wrong time and one of the wrestlers knocked him out with his knee. The teenager tried to jump over Seth, but couldn't miss him. This time around, we got right into the doctor in the e.r., no waiting at all. He had a ct scan which showed no bleeding in the brain or neck, so they sent us home. He just had a concussion, which I learned means "jarring of the brain." He was in a lot of pain for two and a half days, but then woke up from a little nap completely healed and back to himself. He has been eating all day today almost without stopping to make up for the two days of not eating anything at all. We've watched a LOT of Blue's Clues the last few days!

(Luke just ran into the room saying, "Mom! My problem is 100% better!!" yahoo :-)

Another exciting part of life is the complete rearranging of the house so that Joel can have his own room. The computer room/junk room/Seth's room had to be almost completely emptied. I hadn't realized how much junk I had accumulated in that little room! In just one week, though, it's pretty much all finished. Joel has his own room downstairs, and Luke and Seth are sharing a room upstairs. Luke has been a very nice big brother, straightening Seth's covers for him after Seth falls asleep -- so sweet :-) And Joel is excited beyond words to have his own room.

Since Joel was sick last weekend when the junior high church youth group had an overnighter, we had a late-nighter last night. A few friends came home with us after school yesterday to play the wii. We had pizza, soda, and ice cream followed by a movie and more video games in the game room at church (chaperoned by Jason). They had SO much fun!! Makenzie is looking forward to being in the 6th grade so that she can have a girls' late-nighter with Mom as the chaperone :-)

Tonight was the fall carnival at school. All three kids looked adorable in their costumes :-)

Seth had to stay home because of the concussion, but a friend from church heard that Seth wouldn't be able to enjoy the fall carnival and brought him a giant bag of gifts. Seth was amazed and excited by the toys and candy, going back and forth between saying "wow!" and "yumm!" for the rest of the evening :-)

I'm hoping that the Hofacker house will be excitement free this week so that Mommy Hofacker can recover!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

potty failure :-(

Friday and Saturday, I tried to do some potty training with Seth. This was apparently a complete waste of time. He sat on the toilet for a while, then went and peed on the floor :-( He sat on the toilet a little later, then went and peed in his diaper. I gave up on undies for now because I don't want to clean up disgusting messes. So I tried taking him to the bathroom more often. He has not yet even once done any business on the toilet! So potty training so far is a failure.

The hearing aids are also a failure. He loved them for almost four whole hours -- until I had to change his shirt, knocked one of the hearing aids loose causing it to screech in his poor little ear. Now every time I try to put them in his ears, he covers his ears tightly and says, "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" When I finally get them in his ears and point out to him that they are NOT screeching, he leaves them in until I turn around for second and then takes them out. He has thrown them behind the couch, behind the video cabinet, under the table, across the table, and down the stairs. We're taking a break from the hearing aids until we hear back from the audiologist. I called yesterday and left her a message about the situation. She doesn't like the way the ear molds on this set were made, so she ordered a different set. It won't be here, though, for three weeks.

On top of these two issues, Seth now has a cold :-( I'm watching him VERY closely this time!! Any sign of wheezing, and we're going to the doctor immediately. He grabbed his ear this morning and said, "ow," so I think we'll be seeing the doctor soon.

After three negative notes, I have a picture that shows the reality of being Seth's mom:

Seth is a person who OFTEN throws his head back and laughs with his whole self. Generally, that's my life with Seth :-) The little pieces of negative situations are just that -- little pieces soon forgotten when Seth throws his sweet little arms around my neck and plants nice, juicy kisses on my cheeks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

hearing aids :-)

Can you see them? Seth got hearing aids today, and he LOVES them!!! At least today he does :-) They're not very noticeable when you look straight at him. They're not even too terribly obvious when you look at the side view.

So here's an up-close view:

As soon as the audiologist put them in, Seth started whispering to himself and to us. He was SO excited!!! The audiologist said that she had never seen someone so excited with getting hearing aids before. He hasn't tried to take them out yet at all. In fact, he yelled at me when I took them out to practice putting them back in. So the audiologist, Seth, and I are all VERY pleased with these new "ears."

And as a little side-note, Seth's kindergarten teacher and school librarian are reading a textbook about teaching children with Down syndrome how to read. I had to work really hard to not get tears in my eyes when she told me this because it's so touching that they would care enough about Seth to put in extra work time. And she's serious about learning the information, too. She said that she's reading it slowly and just a couple chapters a week so that she can put it into practice as she learns. It's always amazing to me when people care enough about my sweet Seth to spend their own time and attention on him :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

two cute boys

Isn't Seth's first school picture ADORABLE?! I never order the kids' school pictures in the fall, but I take pictures of their school i.d.'s to put in my photo album. I hope Seth's spring school pictures turn out as nice as this one -- I always order the spring pictures.

And here's a picture of Joel in his first season of junior high cross country:

He's so big, I can hardly see my baby Joel anymore :-( But, of course, every stage of a child's life has huge positive notes. Joel can get himself ready to go places and doesn't need help or reminders to do his homework (except special projects -- and Jason usually helps him with those because I've lost almost all schoolwork usefulness over the past ten years of being on diaper/kitchen/laundry duty). Probably most exciting of all, Joel is learning to decide for himself what he believes, wants, enjoys. The godly influences he has at school and church are helping lead him through the difficulties of doing what's good and right instead of doing what's selfish or self-serving. Somewhere in that pre-teen is still my sweet angel baby who occasionally needs a hug and reassurance from his mom :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

I'm 38 today :-) Some people are super-sensitive about their age, but I'm not one of those people. I can't help it that I was born in 1972, so I don't mind at all telling my age. About a million other things bother me, but not my age. It's quite a trip to think back to when I was a little kid who couldn't comprehend being an adult or all of the life changes that would take place along the way. Like gray hair and a weak bladder and sorted boxes of clothes to fit different stages of weight loss or gain :-( Or like feeling my own children's chubby arms squeeze my neck and sweet lips slobber all over my cheek :-)

Today started out normal -- Sarah Kelly serenading me at 4:30 a.m., telling me it was time to wake up and get moving (actually, she only got about two words out before I hit the snooze). The kids fought like normal (with each other and with me). And I went to work like normal. Then "normal" took a little break after I took some books to a used book store to see how much store credit I could get. They only wanted ONE book out of the FOUR BAGS stuffed full that I took in. They were nice enough, though, to put all the books in a big box for me to carry out. Now here comes the NOT normal part -- As I was walking out of the store with the big full box of books, a lady walked into the store, started to go on with her shopping, saw me, turned around, went back to the door, and held it open for me! People are NEVER that nice!! It gets even MORE abnormal, though! A man who was also starting to walk in the store, started to open the second door for me, but instead took the box from me, telling me that he would carry it for me to my car! People are never never ever THAT nice!!!!! I felt a little foolish because the box wasn't even as heavy as Seth, I don't think. I'm used to carrying a 45-pound child, my purse, a diaper bag, and maybe a couple other bags. But it sure was nice to have someone else carry the load for once! All I had in my hands were my purse and my keys! That was a great birthday gift, and he didn't even know it. I prayed God would give that guy something SUPER great for being so nice.

Then abnormal took a negative turn -- for the first time EVER, I forgot Seth :-( I was switching the laundry, opening the mail, opening my gift from my mom, calling my mom, unpackaging the new board games I got Seth this morning, thinking about when I needed to switch the laundry again -- when I looked at the clock. OH NO!! SETH'S OUT OF SCHOOL!!! I ran to the door, calling his special ed. teacher to tell her I was SO sorry and I'd be there in about two minutes! Really, I was only about five minutes late, but I felt AWFUL!! How could I forget that sweet little angel???!!!! inexcusable!

Jason, the kids, and I went out for Mexican food for dinner. He offered to cook dinner so that I didn't have to cook, but I added to that little plan so that I would be sure to not have to clean up anything, either :-) After dinner, we went to my favorite store -- Value Village :-) I took so long browsing around that I AGAIN lost track of time and forgot that I had cake and ice cream at home. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, Joel commented, "It's ok, Mom -- nothing wrong with eating cake and ice cream right before we're supposed to go to bed :-)" yeah -- thanks, Joel!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

birthday party

This was my birthday cake tonight :-) Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and fall flower decorations. I made it -- I'm not a professional by any means, but I liked it.

In the window sill is my cake next to the flower arrangement that Joel and I made today. He's a very creative child -- he especially helped with picking the bow, and he also added the butterfly on top and a little dew drop on one of the flower petals.

Seth was REALLY excited about the day's festivities :-)

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