Monday, June 3, 2013

Almost a year has gone by without blogging?  What?!  Time to catch up:

"The Herbert" is still in jail.  We went to court to start the trial, but ended up with a mistrial because of some new evidence that needed to be processed by the defense.  So back to jail he went for another couple months until they find another court date.  That should be sometime this summer.

I quit working for Hallmark in order to work at one Walgreens.  I'm a cashier most of the time, and I'm enjoying it (most of the time).  I've still been doing the Hallmark in the Walgreens where I work, but only until Hallmark takes over and sends in their own employee to do the work.  That should be in just ONE MORE WEEK!!!  I'm looking forward to having two full days off work in a row every week!  Sometimes work isn't so great -- like yesterday.  The manager on duty went in the restroom and discovered a pretty disgusting #2 mess.  So guess who was assigned the two-hour job of cleaning the restroom.  YUCK!!!  I had to remind myself that I've dealt with this kind of cleaning SO many times before because of my kids.  But my kids didn't make that mess -- a stranger did.  EEEEEWWWWW!!!!  I chose not to think about that and just get the cleaning done as fast as possible.  By the time I was finished, the restroom almost looked brand new, but I was dripping sweat and needing a drink of more than just the water I had brought to work!  A 15-minute break outside to cool off and laugh with my super-fun coworker put me back to "normal," though.  I'm glad most days are just routine with lots of smiles and laughs.

Joel is starting HIGH SCHOOL in the fall!  And Makenzie is starting JR. HIGH!!  They're becoming so mature and independent, and I'm completely proud of them.  Luke is still making us both laugh and get gray hair, but he's the one I depend on a lot of the time to take care of Seth and even sometimes to take care of me.  Seth had a great year at school.  Moving him into the special ed. class was definitely the best decision for him.  He loves his teachers and friends at school and is learning so much more with them than with a regular class structure.

Jason will be working on finishing his master's degree from Liberty University this summer.  He's still running, teaching, and coaching, too.  The older the boys get, the more they get to work with their dad as their coach, which is a special experience for all of them.

No pictures on this post -- I used to take albums full of pictures all the time.  Now, I go months without taking a single picture.  Funny how life changes all the time.

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