Friday, July 12, 2013


The jury found the herbert GUILTY!!!!!  Instead of my re-writing everything, you can read the details on the following links:
the first incident

the second incident

an update

The short version is that some guy jumped over our fence in April, 2012.  He was high and had no clothes on from the waist down.  He was arrested for burglary because he was in our shed.  When he got out of jail, he jumped over our fence in July, 2012, stripped naked, and "took care of himself" in our backyard.  Because Joel saw him do that, the guy was arrested and charged with "indecent exposure in the 1st degree" (indecent exposure to a minor).  We just finished the trial yesterday, and today the jury came back with a guilty verdict!!!  The judge ordered the guy to be taken into custody WITHOUT bail!!!!  So we're still safe -- and I've been crying from relief since I got off the phone with the lawyer!

The next step is that the defense will file a motion to get a new trial.  If the judge grants them a new trial, we start over again -- but at least the guy stays in jail for all of that.  If the judge denies the new trial, the guy will be sentenced in November, staying in custody without bail until then.  He could be sentenced to up to THIRTY YEARS in jail.  I'm not sure what the rules are for bail or probation, so there's no way to know how long he'll actually stay in jail.  BUT I know he's in jail right now still and there's a possibility that he'll stay there until we're SEVENTY YEARS OLD!!  I'm so very relieved about this!


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