Saturday, March 1, 2014

outside with Seth

Seth and I were home alone.  After watching several movies, Seth told me that he wanted to go outside :-)
First, he had to clean the snow out of the swing.
Then he could climb in.
Yay -- "I did it all by myself!"
"ok -- enough of that."
Time to climb.
try #1 to get into the tree house
try #2 to get in the treehouse
"Forget the treehouse -- how about this rope ladder."
"Or maybe I could climb up this pool ladder and reach the deck and make Mom freak out."
Falling off the bottom rung of the ladder makes the perfect opportunity to make a snow angel.
He seemed to think I'd be upset about eating snow, but since I didn't mind at all, it was a little less fun.
try #3 to get to the treehouse -- This time, he even asked me to help him get across.  I said no way, of course.  The treehouse is dangerous for Seth.
singing loudly in the silence -- not sure why it was so quiet outside.  There are lots of children who live on the street behind us.  Maybe they're all hibernating.

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