Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Talking to Seth

Understanding Seth's speech is often difficult, especially when he calls things by special names.  We've adjusted to some of his most common nicknames.  We no longer ask him to put his movies in the cabinet or the hutch.  He puts them in "the brown."  When I want to sit outside with Seth, he always sits in "the blue" (not "the blue chair," just "the blue") and I always sit in "the purple" even though my chair is actually pink.  We don't offer sausage egg biscuits for breakfast because they're called "cheeseburgers."  This also means that when we go to a restaurant, we can't order cheeseburgers because those are for breakfast.  We order hamburgers and whisper to the waitress to please put cheese on it.  When I go to sleep in the boys' room, I have to face Seth or he tells me to "scoot my head!!"  And depending on what his favorite movie of the day is, Seth often doesn't respond to the name "Seth."  Some days he's Scooby, some days he's Megamind, etc.  He also renames everyone else in the house and yells at anyone who dares to use any name but what he's decided for the day.  Today he is "the doctor" because he went to the pediatrician and then to the ENT.  When the ENT's nurse asked what our appointment was for, Seth answered, "Seth Allen Hofacker, DOCTOR."  He thought, of course, that being the doctor entitled him to use all of the doctor's equipment.  There are also several things he says that none of us can figure out.  Today, he held up a toy in the doctor's waiting room that looked like a crane or some other big construction machine.  He was calling it something that sounded to me like "baseball," but he got irritated with me for asking if that's what he said.  I wish there were a class to teach me Seth language so that I could understand everything my sweet boy says!

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