Saturday, June 3, 2017


I haven't posted in this blog for three years because I've been posting everything on facebook.  Send me a friend request if you want to catch up on what's been happening with the Hofacker family :-)  I'm so tired of the drama on facebook, though, and plan to post here again.

The most recent events of "Michelle's Day" involve graduations.  My mom and stepdad came up to attend Joel's graduation from high school.

 Joel not only graduated from high school, but he also graduated from manual labor summer jobs.  He's working with the children's ministry pastor this summer and loves it.
 Makenzie graduated from summer couch potato/social butterfly to a part-time secretary at church.
 Luke graduated from Seth watcher to carpet cleaner at church/school.  He's not loving that, so growing up isn't quite agreeing with my Lukey Pookey.  With his Bible app, music, dramatized Bible on tape (I was shocked to find out that Fred Meyer is once again selling cassette tape walkmans!!!), and regular visits from Dad, Mom, and Seth, Luke is surviving.
 Seth graduated from Baxter Elementary special education program. . .
 . . . and started "school home" with me as his main teacher.  When he feels like cooperating, Seth is a really good student and learns fairly quickly.
 Summer walks officially began Tuesday, May 30.  Seth and I walk to the church at least once per day to either visit Luke or to pick him up to walk home together after work.

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